Meet the Artists

Jessica Brown Visual Arts

My focus is to provide original artwork and art prints inspired by lakes, parks, and mountains around Canada. I am deeply invested in the beauty and importance of the natural landscape. Also, I love Paris and café scenes, so you’ll find a French influence in a lot of my pieces.

As nature becomes increasingly central to my work, I wanted to give back, which is why I started donating a tree for every piece of artwork sold.

Plaid and Peaches

I am a Brampton-based artist & Pyrograper. I introduced embroidered canvases when I released a Black History Month series in 2021, showcasing various images of Black women and historical information with each piece. Introducing the canvases has allowed me to revisit a previous medium of working with paints while the embroidery art allowed me to add a textural component. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to create pieces that others welcome into their home. I love adding bright and vibrant colors to my canvas or wood burn pieces while gathering inspiration/ colors from nature and exploring different areas. As an endometriosis warrior and bringing awareness, a percentage of my sales is donated to the Endometriosis Network of Canada.

Harp & Clove Candle Co.

Niagara based small batch artisan candle and body care company focused on quality, environmental sustainability and affordable products.They also offer a return-a-jar program which allows the reuse of jars to lower our environmental footprint.

With the return of every jar and lid you will receive $1 off your next purchase with Harp & Clove.

Lauren Huston

As an artist from small town Ontario, I focus my work on landscape photography and embroidery art. My embroidery work was inspired by my love for the hobby and joy in creating pieces for others. In photography, I love to capture grand scenes and the little things found while exploring this beautiful land, both near and far. It is so special to be able to create physical pieces of art to make a space feel like home.

Emily Plemel

I grew up in small town Alberta but now spend my life in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I've been doing art since I could hold a crayon; nothing makes me happier than someone else viewing and enjoying my work.

While I do enjoy dabbling in mixed media and sculpture, my main medium is acrylic. Being too impatient with oil and too messy with watercolour it became my go-to. My paintings are inspired by nature, I spend much of my time outdoors and I find my peace, excitement, and love in nature - I can only hope that my art invokes similar feelings you.


Céline Bastien

I am a Montreal area artist working in both acrylics and watercolour. My artwork is mostly nature inspired, but other subjects sneak in occasionally. Sunsets are presently the main theme of my paintings, while flowers and plants usually find their way onto my cards and bookmarks.

Mary Perkins

Being a self taught artist, I don't ascribe to formal rules, ergo I don't implement any in my works. My approach is simply that of capturing what I feel when I get in front of my canvas. My belief that we, as individuals, are consistently evolving is reflected in my evolving styles, landscapes and mediums. Much like the landscapes that inspire me, my style conveys power, emotion and beauty with elegance and realism.

Katelyn James

I have always loved being in nature. Photography has allowed me to combine this love with creative expression - leading to a more than decade long hobby. My work features images of the beautiful landscapes and flora of my adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest.

I hope to cultivate a deeper connection to the environment through my images. Additionally, just viewing images of nature can help reduce stress.

Hellen’s Boutique 

Your one stop shop for beautiful and affordable gifts!

We are a small handmade business located in Toronto, Canada. We create multiple items such as Soy Candles, Satin Accessories, Earrings using vintage fabrics, and hand-embroidered clothing! We continue to add products to our shop , so stay tuned for that!

Canovas Photography

My name is Sharon Canovas, I have been a full time stunt woman for 16 years. When the pandemic happened I decided to follow my other passion which is animal photography. Photographing animals has truly been my therapy.

Frost and Fringe

Rachel Colford of Frost & Fringe is a multi-disciplinary artist from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Specializing in handmade vinyl stickers, prints and woven decor, Frost & Fringe exists to bring light, encouragement, and self-care reminders to your space through intentional home decor. When you fill your home with things that you love, you are investing in your own mental wellness and self-care. Whether it be a colour, a texture, a phrase, or even a sticker that resonates with you, adding intentional decor to your space can be an easy way to better enjoy your home. A portion of proceeds from Frost & Fringe go towards mental health initiatives and not-for-profits.

Shelley Jacobs

I am an abstract expressionist painter and creative educator, living in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, with my husband and two children.

I have been creating since I can remember and involved in the arts community for 40 years, but only began my career as an artist in 2019. In fact, this is my fourth career! (I guess I’m living proof, it’s never too late.)

My studio is located in the centre of my home, a 125-year-old farmhouse, tucked away on a quiet street in a small town in Ontario’s stone fruit and wine country. Nestled between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario and surrounded by green space and farmland, my inspiration is just minutes outside my door.

The natural world grounds me, excites me, and never ceases to amaze me. Painting brings me peace and offers me a chance to reflect on the beauty of our world as I strive to capture and translate its often overlooked intricacies into my work. It is my hope that my paintings bring peace and moments of quiet reflection (with a touch of curiosity and wonder) into your world as well.

ChelleMi Art

I am a British-born Canadian now living in Nova Scotia. As well as living in three other Canadian provinces, I have also lived in the UK and Spain. I am mainly inspired by nature and the places I have lived and visited, but I create based on any subject matter.

I have no major story to share on my passion for creativity - I have just always loved art and creating. I was first exposed to print making at school, but after graduating my life went in an unexpected direction which involved a little dabbling in various art mediums, but I never printed again until about four years ago. I now focus on reduction lino printing which can be a very frustrating medium, but when things go right, very satisfying.

Horseshoe Cards

A mother and daughter run business, this little shop creates paper goods using the original artwork of a teen artist. Handmade, with love, in Halifax, NS.

Honey Do Organics

We are a small, Ottawa based skincare business that specializes in organic handmade soap, bath and face care products. We believe in the power of plants, and use many herbal extracts in our items as key ingredients to nourish and protect the skin. Our items are 100% all natural, cruelty free, and made with high quality vegan, gluten free, and organic ingredients.

We love wrapping all of your beautiful selections and sending them off to their new homes! A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us, you've made our dream of running a small skincare business come true ♡

Eilidh Blacker-Wee Birdy

From old Scotland to New Scotland Wee Birdy moved to Nova Scotia in 2015. I have been creating greetings cards, nursery and kid’s art since 2014. I love to create fun and lighthearted humorous cards that put a smile on the recipients’ face.

Cindy Carstesen Studio

 am a watercolour artist from Kingston, Ontario. I have been painting and drawing since I was about 10 years old and studied Fine Art at St. Lawrence College, Kingston.

I absolutely love it when my work resonates with someone and touches them in a meaningful way. I think of my art as a way to build connections with people through colour and beauty.

Keep in touch and follow me on social media for new paintings, events, gallery shows and my creative journey.

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Jasmine Violette Art

I specialize in designing greeting cards for all occasions and also sell prints of my artwork. Most of my artwork is made with watercolours but I have recently started experimenting with gouache and I have really enjoyed using it. Currently, my favourite things to paint are florals, botanicals, fruit and animals.

Barely There Skincare

Handmade, natural skincare products, 100% vegan soy wax candles, and satin scrunchies. Made in Oakville by a soon-to-be Naturopathic Doctor!